Werk the middle, til it hurts a little

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“I just wanna have a good time (Turn around)
Turn around, kick, then slide
And twirl that a** to the right, now
Ooh, bunny hop, bunny hop, drop, pop
Cross your legs, turn around and clap
Shuffle to the left, let’s glide now”

The infamous lyrics by King Bey is this summer’s new bar-b-q jam. Don’t act like you haven’t been watching youtube videos to get the dance choreography on point. And if you live in Atlanta, you know that summer is going to be a-blaze just by how hot it is now in the spring. Honey Child!

Before I Let Go Challenge in Times Square - Beyonce #BeforeILetGoChallenge

Sundresses, short shorts, tank tops, and lollipops are what you’re going to be seeing the most in this heat. I can’t wait to show off my legs and shoulders cause’ baybayyyy, it was a cold winter! If you haven’t started your summer body regiment, I want to share some of the ways I’m preparing for this summer body come-back. All depending on how snatched you want to look this summer, you can choose your preferred challenge from these procedures of snatchable operations below.

1. First choice: Abs are made in the kitchen. I’m not telling you to go on a full-fledge diet and cut out everything that your mouth waters for. I am, however, telling you to try new foods and pick healthier choices so you can feel sexy and confident in your crop top and bikini. As you start eating better, you start feeling lighter, your tummy flattens, and waist line sinks in. Do a couple of crunches and ab tucks to make room for the bar-b-que you’ll be throwing down on this summer. How many reps should you do? Generally, all depending on your body’s physical strength, I say crunch those abs until your sore. But if you’re a numbers person, try for at least 100-200 daily. Crank out half in the morning and half in the evening. Doing something is always better than nothing.

2. Second choice: burn and scorch those calories away. Look, I know like many, that cardio may not be the most enjoyable. HOWEVER, you have to find the discipline within you, IF you want your body to go to Bawdy. Mmkk? So, find a cardio activity that you know you will enjoy. There are so many options you can choose from. Ie: dancing, running, walking, bootcamp classes, cycling. There’s so much activity that can be done to assist you in getting your body popping in your sundress, short shorts, and tank tops. How much time should you spend doing cardio? at least 25-30 minutes for 3 to 4 days out of the week.

3. Third choice: lift heavy weights to burn calories and build muscle. I’m not talking about the 8 lb weights you can buy from Walmart. I’m talking about heavy hitters, iron, bang-bang-clicnk-clicnk noise. You’re probably asking “Why do I have to do all of that?” Well, if you honestly want to bawdy up, these heavy weights help increase your metabolism. AND they will not have you big and bulky like most women believe. When it comes to lifting heavy, your rep count can be impressively low. I suggest being completely careful and knowledgable of the form and technique you use for heavy lifting.

So, if you want to look your finest this summer in your bikini while doing the routine to Beyonce’s new jam “Before I let go,” I suggest you either do all of these choices or just pick one. Regardless, the one you choose to do is going to assist you in seeing amazing results on your new banging Bawdy. Werk your middle til it hurts a little.

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Coco-Chanel Jones

Fitness Professional AAFA Certified | Fitpreneur 

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Werk the middle, til it hurts a little