How To Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway

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The work week was hard. You had to deal with so much and as you drive to get some ice cream the fourth time in the last five days. You decided it’s time. It’s time for a weekend getaway. Well have no fear, Nelle is here to help you plan the perfect weekend getaway.

If you read my article about traveling with a full-time job. Then you know I am a big promoter of weekend getaways. I am currently planning a weekend getaway to Orlando FL. I want to go to Sea World.

Yes, it’s a place for children but hey life is too short for me not to enjoy the whales and dolphins of the world in captivity. Now that I got the chance to ramble here are the tips to help you plan the perfect weekend getaway.

Check Your Finances

I know I sound like a broken record, but I don’t want you to be financially stressed. Although I am big on enjoying life. I also want you to be responsible.

Therefore, before you can even consider that weekend getaway make sure your money is right. Like Dave Ramsey said, ” poor people shouldn’t be traveling.”

Don’t let him be right about you. And to make sure he is not; I suggest a vacation fund.  A vacation fund ensures that you are not taking money from important things. But instead, you are using money specifically set aside for vacation. The goal is to have fun not to be financially stress.

How To Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Set A Budget

While you’re making sure you don’t go broke planning this weekend getaway. Setting a budget is the most important part of your planning. Setting a budget helps you to know exactly how much you are going to spend.

Let’s be honest a weekend getaway can get expensive unless you have a proper budget. As I write this, I reminisce on my weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia. And I have to admit I spent way too much money.

I guarantee that I wouldn’t have spent the amount of money if I had taken the time to set up a budget for myself. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Set a budget for yourself.

Pick A Weekend

I know it sounds silly but if you are planning a weekend getaway. You can’t just up and leave. That’s called a spontaneous trip. And I will teach you how to do that another day.

But if you have a full-time job. Chances are spontaneous trips are not in your immediate future. If it is not, then grab a calendar and choose the best weekend to get away.

I suggest a three-day weekend because a getaway is there to make you feel relax not stress. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the weekend.

Pick A City

For my weekend getaways, I like to leave town. I always look for a way out of town because I don’t want to be around my stress. I usually pick a city a couple of hours or so away from where I live. A city I’ve never been too.

This gives me the chance to explore a new city and also my home state. Something we barely do. For this reason, I suggest that a city in your state is the best weekend getaway spot.  Plus if you choose a city in your home state you will find that it is easier to navigate and cheaper.

And you already know all the restaurants so you know where you can eat. It’s the best of both worlds.

Plan Your Itinerary

This is something that I struggle with and that is why I am bringing it up. We always get so caught up on the whole weekend getaway part that we forget to plan an itinerary.

Don’t be like me in the hotel room on Google trying to figure out what I’m going to do. For my trip to Orlando that I am currently planning. I am looking at all the things that I can do in a short weekend.

It is very stressful when you are hanging out with friends on a weekend getaway and you have no itinerary. And if you are on a solo weekend getaway having an itinerary ensure that you don’t get bored. Do yourself the favor and plan your itinerary.

How To Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Do Not Maximize Your Time

I know you’re excited. You are about to go to a new city and away from all your stress. Everything will be new, and you will want to do everything you see. And as your favorite travel advice giver. I suggest you take a deep breath and let it out. And repeat after me ” I will not maximize my time.”

By now you must be thinking  ” How did she know. Am I A bad person.”

Even though thinking you’re a bad person is a little extreme. You are not a bad person you are just used to being overworked. This type of attitude is not for a weekend getaway or a vacation in general. I want to be really clear. A vacation is for relaxing not maximizing.

Before you complain I want you to trust me on this one. You are going on a weekend getaway to relax not to be as tired as you were at home.  I suggest you Pick one to two things that you can do and stop. It’s a weekend, not a week or a month. And if you feel like you are not doing enough with two things then do three.

That whole maximizing your time doesn’t work well on weekend getaways. You won’t be relaxed. If you want to do everything then make it a longer vacation. A vacation takes place in a longer time frame. But a weekend getaway is supposed to be short and sweet.  Therefore, stop and relax. It’s okay to not do everything it’s just a weekend.

Accommodation Is Everything

I know you already thought of it, but accommodation does matter when you’re planning the perfect weekend getaway. Why? you ask. Well because the place you stay will become your sanctuary for the weekend and it needs to be the most relaxing place you can find.

It should be noise free, clean, fast Wi-Fi and a provider of free breakfast. I’m more of a hotel person but I know that you guys like Air BnB. Whatever your choice or accommodation is for your perfect weekend getaway make sure it is a stress-free environment.

Have A Plan For Getting Around

When I was in Atlanta, we got around by using Lyft and other public forms of transportation. And boy did it cost money. But if I had a plan for how I was going to get around. I would have spent less.

Thus, while you are thinking about all you’re going to do. Don’t forget to consider how you are going to get around. Save yourself the money and the trouble of having to think about these things on the spot.

There you have it, folks. All you need to know to plan the perfect weekend getaway.

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