Style Book: Church Chic- Early Fall Colors

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Skirt: Papaya… Top: Thrifted… Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Style Book: Church Chic- Early Fall Colors

Hello beauties, HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!

Just stopping by to do a super quick post of what I wore to church this morning… But first let me tell you guys a little secret, you don’t actually have to put your Spring/Summer stuff away. Just mix them with fall pieces. Like add a long sleeve shirt,  a jacket, leggings or just a scarf. As long you bundled up and saying warm it doesn’t have to be an ALL fall outfit. I personally like clothes that I can wear year around, more like classic pieces instead of trendy or weather specific.

Ok, about the look, was I pretty or nah?! lol, yea I was, too pretty!!!!!! I scored this skirt over the week at Papaya during their end of summer sale for $7, yes, it was ONLY SEVEN DOLLARS, lol. Of course I couldn’t WAIT to wear it, so I paired it with a new thrifted vintage blouse, my old red pumps, pull my hair up and I was off to serve and get my praise on!!!

What about you ,did you make it to church this morning? What did you wear? I wanna hear ALL about it the comment box, BELOW 😉

As always, thank you for hanging with ME, I’m Priiincesss and I will talk to you all real soon , muahhhhh!!!

***Fact is, love will come, success will come. But In the meantime and between time, live YOUR Best life***


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Style Book: Church Chic- Early Fall Colors