Wine Talk: Wine Tasting in Atlanta

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Talk: Wine Tasting in Atlanta

Hello Beauties, HAPPY TUESDAY, Wine Tuesday!!

Ok, welcome to my new Wine Talk Segment, yes, I will be talking about WINE!!!

Well, as you may or may not know I’m still taking a bootcamp class and you know with eating healthy and making real life style changes something or things gotta give. And unfortunately for me it’s drinking, as much as I love my Tequila my health is way more important. My hard drinking days are over BUT my trainer informed me that I can have WINE, red WINE to be exact, well only 4oz per day but ALL I heard was RED WINE, #TrueStory.

So I’ve decided to add a Wine Section to the blog, please help me say “Hello Red Wine”!!!! I will be educating myself on wine, attend wine events, go wine tasting, get together with friends to have wine, host wine events and drink as much wine as possible, lol.

Over the weekend I attended a small Wine Tasting event at the “Savor Wine Boutique” here in Atlanta Ga. The place is super cute with an amazing selection of wine from around the world.. This week was about white wine, I did taste them and kinda enjoyed them, I’m more of a red wine girl but I don’t mind Whites every once in a while…

The pictures are a little dark because I didn’t bring my camera to take better pictures but check them out and let me know what you think in the comment box below.

***Live YOUR Best Life***


Wine Tasting in Atlanta, Wine Tasting in Atlanta, Wine Tasting in Atlanta


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