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As much as I would love to say that I look as stylish as my Instagram feed every day, I would be lying if I did. Why don’t I look like this every day, you may ask; Because it takes time to look this good (inserts “sarcasm” emoji)!

But seriously, getting up every morning and making a real attempt to look your absolute best can be very time consuming; which is why most of us don’t make that attempt. We just get up, do the necessary tasks (take a bath, wash your face, brush your teeth, and maybe comb your hair), throw on the first and easiest item in sight; then jet out the door!

I have a son, so my tasks take even more time because everything that I do for myself, I have to do for him. And, in addition to those tasks, I have to feed him as well. So, our morning process can take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Unfortunately, most women assume that because we’re so pressed for time in the mornings, we need to sacrifice looking great and put together. But that just isn’t true!  Sometimes we want to look like we’ve made an effort when we get to work right?  I mean, no one wants to leave out the house wearing a wrinkled pair of jeans, dirty tennis shoes, and a college t-shirt from 2001, do they (asking for a friend)?

I’m going to go ahead and answer this question for you, NO!  We want to look our best! By “best” I mean a nice pair of pants with a pretty blouse. “Best” could also mean a chic dress with a pair of statement pumps. It really doesn’t matter what you consider your best to be. I’m here to tell you that there is one simple trick to looking stylish (your version of stylish) on a daily basis. I practice this trick when I want to look my best during the week. And believe me, you can do it too.

All it takes is 15 minutes!  Yes, 15 minutes is the trick.  Basically, when I decide that I want to get all dolled up for work in the morning, I take about 15 minutes the night before to prepare my outfit!  I know most fashionista’s make us think that they just get up and look great instantly. Well, most likely, that’s not the case.  They prepare these looks.  So, take 15 minutes the night before work and pick out some pieces that you like.  Try them on in front of the mirror and determine if you love the looks or not.  That way you will not have to do the same thing in the morning. The great thing about picking out an outfit the night before is knowing that you look amazing when you leave the house the next morning, and an amazing outfit sets the tone for the rest of your day.

So I have a challenge for you.  Try my trick this week.  Before you go to bed tonight, take 15 minutes and pick out an outfit.  Try it on and make sure you love it.  Tomorrow morning throw the stylish outfit on and take a picture before you leave the house.  Email that photo to and we will feature it on the blog next week. Can’t wait to see your entries!  Have an amazing Tuesday!!

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