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See, my  Monday’s are pretty simple, I go to work, work my business and attend boot camp. By the time I’m done with boot camp it’s  about 9pm and time to listen to “MINDSET MONDAY”!!! Which is a motivation call hosted by Koereyelle of the Single Wives Club.

I’ve been listening since she started the call and I’ve learned so much it’s CRAZY!!

Last night’s call topic was “Who’s on the Driver Seat” pretty much who’s in control of YOUR life?… I’ve always been in control of my life but I need to make some serious changes in order to get the EXACT life that I want.

She talked about being VERY clear of your wants and needs. Yes, I want love and a successful business, I’m working hard but am I working on myself, my attitude, my temper, my work ethic? No, not really, I’m only doing the bare minimum.

Well, I’ve decided to truly work on myself and have an even clearer vision of what I want.



 I truly believe if you have love you have everything.

I’m ready for true love, that everything love and I’m willing to do the leg work. But 1st I will start by working on me. Improve ME. Spend time with me. Become that well rounded woman I want to be. Get that positive glow I admire on other well rounded women.

Do everything with GOOD intentions.



I’m happy but I’m not at peace, life have always been crazy from my childhood to adulthood.

I’ve been hurt by family, friends, and ugh, BOYFRIENDS and instead of forgiving and moving on with my life. I’ve hold on to the hurt and put up a guard, clearly this guard is no longer protecting me.  I kept regretting wasting so much of my life being hurt but not taking action to find my peace. My true happiness. I believe somethings in life should be simple and happiness is simple… Decide you are going to be happy and make it happen, be HAPPY.

Here’s to happiness, my happiness, my peaceful place.


“Your Health is your Wealth”  

I mean, say no more.

If you been following me you know how passionate I am about my business and FASHION!!  I’m not just working hard for shoes, lol. I want wealth, unlimited stream of incomes kind of wealth. I want to make a difference in the world, I want to help others create wealth and honey, I want to make history. BUT I can’t do ANY of that if i’m not healthy or worse, dead. I am excited to say I have make big changes on my diet, I workout daily, I take my vitamins,  I drink a lot of water and I’m still working on getting sleep, lol. But feel good and I am more than ready to take over the world!!!!

Wow, I know this post was SUPER long, I’m pretty sure this will be my longest post.

But I hope you enjoyed it and ready to help me through this journey of self improvement and becoming this beautiful, kind, smart well rounded woman I hope to be!!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week, muahhh!!

love me

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Love.. Happiness.. Health.. Wealth