Hey darlings, HAPPY Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited about this Valentine’s Day because not only do I get to celebrate LOVE but today I am also celebrating my new found self love!!!

For once in my life I don’t feel broken. I have been looking for love EVERYWHERE but within in ME. It took my early 30’s and my 100th breakup for me to stop and actually listen to whatever God been trying to tell me. They say God will teach you the same exact lesson over and over until you learn it. And girllllll, I have learned my lesson.

God, you have ALL of my attention.

This season is my Loving and Living season. ALL of my dreams are coming true one by one, I’m slowly becoming the woman that God created me to be. I’m soooo aware of ME. I count my blessings DAILY

I am focused and getting ready for ALL that is in store for ME.

My daily Prayer is simple

GOD, thank you for Love, good health, and success!!!!

baby doll, the world is yours, you can design the exact life that your heart desires.

A life that comes with UNCONDITIONAL love.

I finally understand what it means to be still while moving 100 miles per hour…
This is the very first valentine’s day I’m not calling or texting some man who simply don’t appreciate me, my love, or even understand the meaning of love.
I am Magical and I don’t need anyone to choose me because I choose me every single day.

What would happened if I take ALL of the love I’ve been giving to men and give it to MYSELF? And my answer was, well it is a new year, so let’s find out.

To say I’m blessed is an understatement.

Today I celebrate love in all form.

Happy Valentine’s Day
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As always, thank you sooooo much for hanging with ME, here’s to LOVE, good health, smashing our goals, making more money and living our best lives, muahhhh!!
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**Live YOUR Best Life*

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