Florida Selfies x Cousins

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IMG_0127 IMG_0129

IMG_0135 IMG_0146

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004IMG_0120IMG_0322 IMG_032311049546_10204793194135673_1026296866688628371_n  11665665_10204811864762427_6685830632826304532_n11659377_10204797796170721_2456207991982986759_n 11665678_10204811815121186_5486548298178732991_n 10409288_10204811234826679_8008198558059490573_n

Seriously my cousin Tasha and I need a Selfie book, we too OVER 100 selfies while I was in Florida last week/weekend for my birthday, like seriouly, lol.

But they are sooooo cute I had to create a whole post about them, lol.

Thanks for stopping by, muahhh!!!

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Happy Birthday to Me
Florida Selfies x Cousins