4 Benefits Werking-out does for Entrepreneurs

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In this blog, I’m going to share four benefits werking-out does for entrepreneurs and go getters. Have you ever seen studies on what exercise does for entrepreneurs or women who are higher up on the corporate level? If not I want you to keep your eyes glued to this blog and find out the many profits you’ll receive in the werk place just by sweating a few times out of the month.

First, Lets do some self reflection by taking the time to answer the questions below:

  1. On a scale from 1-10, ten being the greatest. How important is your health to the overall production of your career or business?
  2. What measures do you take to release the build up of stress and toxicity in your mindset?
  3. What methods are you using to make sure your health is not an added weight of stress on your peak plate?
  4. Are you getting enough rest to complete your daily assignments without feeling lethargic and fatigue?
  5. Are you feeding yourself the right energy foods? Is your body running off of empty calories? Have you ever felt your body shut down on you?

 If these are questions that you haven’t thought about or are struggling with, this article is for you. I have to do my duty as your fitness expert blogger, and share with you the benefits of why your health and fitness will increase your werk productivity. 

The benefits to werking-out:

A. You must have keen insight, to get your coin$ right. One of the worst feelings to have as an entrepreneur is a brain freeze. How does it make you feel, when you’re mentally tapping out or having a rough couple of days with creater’s block? Eating the right foods and getting your blood flow circulating allows more oxygen to get to the extremities of the body. This easily increases blood stimulation to the brain and body, flushing out toxins and allowing room for more productivity towards creativity and $$$ strategies.

B. Your BGM (Black girl magic) hormones are releasing and giving you a natural boost of energy and happiness. This enables a healthy connection with employees and customers. In result, reducing anxiety is productive for rational thinking and precision.

C.  Invest in Less Stress. Coincidentally, being on a regular workout regiment, your body will start to accept the process of growth, time, and discipline. Your mindset is stretching and accepting of overcoming challenges. The endorphins (Black girl magic hormones) releasing allow for a calmer headspace. Be open to the possibility of reduced stress.

D. There’s a higher probability gaining generational wealth, when your health is not being threatened. You or your family shouldn’t be worrying about the concerns of your health. The more youthful you feel, the more energy you have, which provides more focus and opportunity to goal set and execute. With your new strength and mindset, business endurance will be increasing in productivity.

Entrepreneurs whom benefit from exercise:

Beyonce. Daymond John. Will smith & Jada Pinkett. Gabriel Union, Taraji P Henson. Michelle Obama, Dj Khaled. Necole Kane. La La Anthony. Robin Roberts. Kevin Hart. Gary V. and the list goes on.

Get started:

  1. First, start encouraging yourself. Believe your working out is not about vanity.

2. start small build up. start with 10-15 minutes and continue to add 10 more minutes every additional week

3. Create accountability systems. Get a friend to join you or hire a fitness professional.

4. Make your health a priority and make a pact to yourself that you will take full advantage of being more productive.

Start werking out byClicking here. Get some ideas on how to jump into the fitness regiment of your choice.

Click here for more profitable reasons on why you should exercise.

To your health & wealth,

Coco-Chanel Jones

Fitness Professional AAFA Certified . B.S Exercise Science

Fitpreneur Brand Coach Strive & Grind Certified

Social Media Strategist   

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4 Benefits Werking-out does for Entrepreneurs