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Hey boos, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! I am sooooo excited to be back with another look and this one is pretty special!!

Listen, to say I’m BLESSED is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! But mannnn, I am BLESSED and I like to take quick moments to remind myself of how far I’ve come instead of worrying about how far I have to go.

And this super cute BLESSED graphic tee from God & Goals is sure to keep me on track and humble. I actually have the shirt hanging outside of my closet. And Every time I’m getting ready to complain about ANYTHING I check myself, every time any type of negative thoughts even come to my mind I CHECK MYSELF. And honestly, that’s the key. It’s not that you won’t feel like complaining or have negative thoughts, you just learned to check yourself at the door, ASAP every time. And remind yourself how BLESSED you are. PERIOD.

About the look: while I love my heels I also love a cute simple and casual look. I actually wore this look a few weeks to hang out with friends. I decided to pair it with these joggers because I wanted to keep the look super casual, sporty with a touch of girlie, which is why I added the sparkly turban. And oh, how CUTEE are those little gold loafers?!!!! EVERYTHING!!!

Loafers are definitely my go to’s when it comes to flats. They literally works with ANY and every look.

Lol, I was literally replying to emails while shooting this look. I mean, why fake being on my phone when I can actually work for real!!
My turban is from Beauty Masters beauty supply store and it was just $3.99.
About the look 
Tee: God & Goals
Pants: Rainbow
Flats: ShoeDazzle
Photos: @Kaylin
Location: Atlanta, Ga
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As always, thank you sooooo much for hanging with ME.
Here’s to LOVE, good health, smashing our goals, making more money and living our best lives, muahhhh!!!!
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As I like to say; Be a #BADASS…. Live Well, Work Hard and See the world in Style.
**Live YOUR Best Life*

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