About me

 Hello darlings, welcome to my personal Lifestyle blog, more of an online diary, lol.
I am Cindy, best known as PRIIINCESSS!!! I am an all-around island gal.
I LOVE Caribbean food, warm weather, bold prints, anything and everything tropical. I was actually Born and raised in Haiti, lived in the sunshine state, Florida for many years. My entire high school, college and beginning of my adult years.
Moved to the amazing city of ATLANTA, Ga in 2009. As much as I love and miss Florida, Georgia was my best move. I really love it here, the southern hospitality is pretty amazing and definitely home of many young business owners. Atlanta is known to raise a few moguls, and that’s a fact. Atlanta is and will forever be the home of my brand.

 About my style: Believe it or not my Style is SIMPLE, I love bold colors and prints but at the end of the day the goal is to look elegant and well put together. I like to think of my style as classic with a twist or a little bit of sassy, ok, a lot of sassy, lol.

Business talk: Most of my time is spent growing my online brand, PRIIINCESSS.COM an online women clothing. I attend a lot of events and very big on building lasting partnership and professional relationships
Why an online store? Well, a girl gotta start somewhere and with technology taking over starting online just make sense. My goal is not to stop with an online store, I hope to make a difference in the world. Help other women start their own fashion business, start a non-profit for women, in other words, build an empire doing what I love.

Things I likes: First off, I like way too many things, lol, no, seriously.
I love all things PINK, beach trips, red wine, tequila is always my choice of poison, most Friday nights after a long work week I’m most likely hitting up a hookah spot with some of my best girls or getting cute for date night. I don’t like working out but I read somewhere that a woman that can conquer her physical appearance and mental being can conquer anything in the world, so now I work out 4x per week and I am NOT enjoying it, lol.

If you hope to learn even more about me, feel free to shoot me an email >> iampriiincesssblog@gmail.com