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Why These Quotes




I love a great quote and every time I design a site I like to add at least one

somewhere in the designs. It doesn’t always look like it goes with the design

but it’s ALWAYS related to what the site is about, and really, that’s what matters.

I selected these specific quotes for this site because that’s kinda how I truly

feel about life, love and following my dreams.

 Quote One: Well, I’m a beach baby and I’m currently looking for Love.

Quote Two: I can speak for me. Life is pretty amazing! I AM BLESSED!!!

Quote Three: I’m not just following my dreams, I’m building it and enjoying every second of it

Thanks for stopping by, muahhh!!

Live YOUR best Life…

love me

I am a personal life&style blogger based out of Atlanta, Ga. One thing about me, I am VERY passionate, I put my heart and soul into EVERYTHING I do. And this blogging allow me to share some of the things I'm most passionate about. Get ready to talk life, [my life] work, travel, blogging, fashion and of course my personal style.

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