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Hey baby dolls, happy Wednesday, I am SUPER excited and very much looking forward to my up coming beach trip to the Sunshine state!!! I’m ready to EAT and spend all of my time there soaking up the sun and loving on my family and friends!!!

Now, I’ve taken enough trips to know some of the top things a girl just CAN’T travel without. Whether you are flying, driving, boating or catching the next bus/train these top 5 items are your MUST have travel essentials.


Headphones: OMG, you have to have your favorite headphones on hand. To listen to music, audio books, YouTube vids. etc…. And oh,  to let the rest of the world know you are not interested in holding a pointless small talk conversation, lol. Sounds a little mean, but it’s true. I personally like to listen to Podcasts and watch periscope vids and really don’t want to be bothered when flying.


A Good Book: Iv’e mentioned this before on my Beach Essentials post, but even if you have audio books still bring a hardcover in case your phone is dead or just want to reserve you battery. I like to lay on the beach under an umbrella and get lost in a good book.


Cross-Body Bag: Out of ALL the things I’ve mentioned this is the MOST important thing you’ll need. It’s very inconvenient sporting a big mama back around town and you will need something to keep your cellphone, wallet, gum, lipgloss/lipstick and whatever else you like to have with you at ALL Times.


Sunglasses: Now that’s a given, a girl NEEDS her hater blockers on deck at ALL times. Regardless what time of the year or where you are travelling to and from the sun will be sure to come out and I’m sure you’ll like to hide those tired and sleepy eyes after those long partying no sleep nights.


Nail File: PLEASE pack at least one of those travel size nail file somewhere in that over packed suitcase. Trust me, you WILL need it. I feel like I chipped or damaged a nail EVERY time I travel.

Now, I know 1st hand there’s a lot more things we girls will ALWAYS need on deck when leaving home but then this post would have been titled, “Top 100 Universal Travel Essentials”, lol… But seriously, I hope these tips help packing for your next adventure a little less stressful and oh Thank Me Later 😉

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As always, thank you so much for hanging with ME, muahhhh!!

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(ALL Items are from my Amazon Store, HERE)

***Fact is, love will come, success will come. But In the meantime and in between time, live YOUR Best life***



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