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TBT: Beach Birthday Girl 2014

birthday picturesbirthday picturesbirthday picturesbirthday picturesbirthday pictures

Hey Darlings, Happy Thursday!!!!! Yes, I know, I’m a little toooooo excited about spending my entire vacation/birthday in FLORIDAAAA!!!!

Last birthday I didn’t get to go far, I drove up to Panama City, FL but I had the time of my LIFE!!!! And I made the decision to spend each EVERY birthday on the beach somewhere/anywhere in the world… But like last year I didn’t make big plans for my 2015 birthday, but as I mentioned before I am in FLORIDA for my vacation and will celebrate my big birthday on SOUTH BEACH!!!! (in a PRIIINCESSS swimsuit).

Ok, let’s talk about how pretty are my pics. from last year… Too pretty!!!  I took some birthday pics. in Atlanta before I left, they did not come out as I wanted but they still pretty and will be live on the blog the day of my birthday, Saturday, July 11th for you to enjoy, like, comment and of course SHARE!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, muahhh!!!

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