Hey darlings, HAPPY MONDAY!!! I am sooooo excited to share this AMAZING new feature with YOU, my fabulous readers, virtual besties and supports!!!

I’ve been building my email list for a while now but I haven’t really put much work into it. And I feel like my subscribers truly get the bare minimum from me. So I have decided to turn my regular email list into an EXCLUSIVE VIP EMAIL LIST!!! Meaning, starting TODAY I am now treating EVERYONE that have subscribed to my list like the VIP they are.

I will be creating exclusive content just for my VIPs, host random fabulous giveaways, share ALL of the resources that are helping me grow and manage my business/blog, blogging and traveling tips, early access to all PSA’s/launches, weekly inspiration and much much much more!!!

AND I will ALWAYS be available via email to answer ANY and every question about business/blogging, social media, email marketing, e-commerce marketing, traveling and whatever topics my VIP’s need help with me…

In other words, I am creating a fun, learning and loving community via email!!!

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With ALL of that said, I am personally inviting YOU to join my New VIP Email List. Check out the page >> HERE and just enter your email to join the fun and start receiving your weekly email!!


As always, thank you sooooo much for hanging with ME and happy blogging, muahhhh!!

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As I like to say; Be a #BADASS…. Live Well, Work Hard and See the world in Style.

**Live YOUR Best Life**




I am a personal life&style blogger based out of Atlanta, Ga. One thing about me, I am VERY passionate, I put my heart and soul into EVERYTHING I do. And this blogging allow me to share some of the things I'm most passionate about. Get ready to talk life, [my life] work, travel, blogging, fashion and of course my personal style.

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