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Oh hey YOU, it is FRIDAY!! EXCITED or NAH?? EXCITED!!, lol. YES, I am SUPER PUMPED to get out of this UN-INSPIRED and UN-FOCUSED week and look forward to a FABULOUS busy and amazing week!! But first, let’s talk about why I was feeling UN-inspired and how I deal with times like that.

Normally when I’m feeling down and empty I notice it’s because I’m unfocused, stressed and or distracted.  So what do I do? Well, I can no longer have a pity party or complain to my friends, so I take a day off from creating, binge watch something on Netflix and watch endless of motivational speeches on social media. While I was on Facebook few days ago, I came across these videos on the Goalcast fan page and after watching them I realized they both ended with the same exact message; “Make a Difference”

If you know ANYTHING about me you know that’s ALL I hope to do, MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Me following my dreams and staying consistent have inspired those around me to follow theirs dreams and stay CONSISTENT!! So bringing it back by to my WHY have pulled me out the funk.

Checkout the videos below and if you have been feeling down and out I hope they inspire you to keep going!!

Thank you auntie Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington for inspiring us all to be great and living our best lives!!

Videos via Goalcast

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As always, thank you sooooo much for hanging with ME,  muahhhh!!

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As I like to say; Be a #BADASS…. Live Well, Work Hard and See the world in Style.

**Live YOUR Best Life**


I am a personal life&style blogger based out of Atlanta, Ga. One thing about me, I am VERY passionate, I put my heart and soul into EVERYTHING I do. And this blogging allow me to share some of the things I'm most passionate about. Get ready to talk life, [my life] work, travel, blogging, fashion and of course my personal style.

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