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Style Book: Early Fall Date Night Outfit

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Skirt: PRIIINCESSS… Top: Thrifted… Shoes: ShoeDazzle

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Date Night: Early Fall Date Night Outfit 

Hello darlings, HAPPY THURSDAY!!!!

I love date nights and while it’s important to look stunning for date nights, especially FIRST DATES, try not look like you tried too hard, just be YOURSELF.  My thing is keep it simple keep it cute. Wear something that you like and showcase your personal style… It gives him a sense of who you are.

Now let’s talk about this look, yes, my 1st Fall Date Night Outfit of the season… I just wanted to be cute and of course comfortable, I’m all about comfort these days. I paired this old PRIIINCESSS Denim skirt with a thrifted floral top, my FAVORITE gladiators and I was off to dinner and great conversations!!

As always, thanks for hanging with ME and please feel free to let me know what you think of the look in the comment box, below, muahhhh!!!

***Live Your Best Live***


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